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Related post: Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 19:43:20 EDT From: Toni Podols Subject: Adding Randi 18Randi XVIII, a continuation of adventures experienced in my previous stories, is dedicated to all of my friends and fans. I had intended to tell you all about my trip back to the scene little modelspics of the original crime (San Francisco), but I digress to asian lesbian model tell you about a most marvelous, sensuous evening just before that trip that I hope you will enjoy.Please keep your feedback coming to my toni526 hotmail address. I love it and answer each email personally as soon as possible.And, now . . .Randi XVIII -- A long held dream come trueI was so tired. Out of bed at four AM and in the office before six (after giving Ryan a little goodie so that he wouldn't forget me while I'm on yet another trip). All my luggage was at the airport already waiting for me for the 12:30AM flight to San Francisco so I could concentrate on today's partners' meeting. Options, bonuses, projects' status, staff reviews. Boring!The meeting finally broke at a little after six and I was dragging my weary butt past Irish's desk, walking so illegal models pics slowly that the poor girl could only watch in sympathy, shaking her beautiful black head in pity. I entered my office and closed the door, flopping into my soft love newstar child modeling chair and put my feet up on the top heavy models desk, leaning back, my eyes tightly closed. After a few minutes model nude 15y I heard the inevitable sound teen model mini of the door opening and closing with practiced young superstar models silence, followed by soft footfalls slowly approaching.The touch of strong, purposeful fingers on my temples was so soothing, so relaxing, exactly what I needed right now. Irish's fingers were so strong, so sure. My hands closed over hers, slowly pulling them down into my blouse, feeling her fingers slide beneath my bra to cup my bare breasts. God, her fingers, squeezing the softness, my hardening nipples pressing against her palms. nude coed models Glancing down, I felt a shiver as I watched her almost black hands on my white flesh and kissed the insides of her forearms, licking the smooth flesh. Her hands continued to massage my breasts as nymph nn model I reached up to hold her imagefap nn model face, bringing it down to me. I stared into her beautiful eyes just before prop model her large, soft lips touched mine, her long, thick tongue sliding between mine and into my mouth. Her tongue touched mine and I was in heaven, licking it, tasting her saliva, her hands becoming more demanding on my breasts.Breaking the kiss, Irish walked across the room and locked the door and turned off the lights, the stray light of early evening from the window the only illumination. I watched her stop halfway from my desk and begin to undress. First, her thick white sweater lifted over her head, her heavy, beautiful breasts held easily by her silk bra. Her fingers released the button to her navy skirt and the zipper easily slid down, the skirt falling in a puddle around her feet. Clad only in her bra and a skimpy black thong, she stepped from her heels and padded the youngest ls models rest of the way to the sofa against the wall. Turning toward greek atomic model me, she reached behind her and dropped her bra, releasing her huge breasts, swaying as she knelt to sit on the sofa, her long, black nipples rock hard already. Slowly, she lifted her ass and slid her thong down over her long, gleaming black legs.I rose from sexy corset models my chair and walked across the room, Irish's glazed eyes following my every move. I knelt before her, moving between her long, velvety smooth thighs, staring into those beautiful eyes, watching them smiling back at me. Impossible to resist, my hands reached out to cup and lift her magnificent breasts, hefting their weight, squeezing their softness, pulling them together, my eyes closed in ecstasy. Irish's hands closed over mine, moving them around on her chest, relishing in their weight. I leaned forward to mouth each hard, black nipple, biting down, teasing sherry angel model the tip with my tongue. Closing my lips around each in turn, I sucked and pulled and bit and licked each nipple until Irish was moaning loudly in my otherwise soundless office.Standing, I unbuttoned my blouse, pulling it from my slacks, dropping it to the floor. My bra followed soon afterwards, tumbling to the floor as my breast emerged, swaying as I moved. My slacks followed quickly, leaving me clad only in my tiniest pair of panties. Irish reached for me, pulling me before her and slowly, tantalizingly began to slide my panties down over my hips and down my thighs. As I lifted my feet to release them, she placed them into her mouth, chewing on them, gathering all of the tangy juices into her mouth, sucking on them, draining them of every last drop. Tossing them aside, she reached for my hand and pulled me down to sit on her soft lap, her arms wrapped tightly around me, my head resting on her shoulder."Boss, you're so tense," she whispered, her tongue following her words into my ear canal. I shuddered at her touch and turned to immediately search out her teen art modelling lips with my own, pressing them hard against hers, feeling her tongue slide into my mouth, our breasts rubbing against each other. One hand caressed the smooth flesh of my back, sliding down to caress the softness of my ass. Her other hand rested on my thighs, gently pretens of models caressing the softness between them, grazing the red fur of my bush. My pussy was dripping already, my legs burning where they touched Irish's naked flesh. I rose from her lap and knelt at her feet, lifting each leg, throwing them over my shoulders.I began by licking the softness of Irish's inner thighs, noting and salivating over the streaks of her juices already streaming from her cunt (!). So sweet, so tangy, it made my head swim. The only sounds in my office now limited to my licking sounds, with a low vibrating sound gurgling up from Irish's throat. I stared at my lover's softly bright pink cunt, watched the light reflect off the liquid core of her sex. Smiling up at Irish's eyes, I licked my lips, making a slurping sound. She laughed, that deep, rich laugh that always delighted me."Soul food, my sister. Ain't never had food that good childwebmodels in our executive dining room," Irish laughed, her hands reaching down to gently caress my face. I let her pull my face to hers, our lips joining in a soft, powerful kiss, her softness adding to my desire for her body. I returned between her beautiful black legs, my hands gently caressing their velvety softness, the soft texture of her chocolate skin under my fingers. Kissing and licking the soft little gay model flesh, I could feel Irish shuddering as my face moved past her pussy to press against the kinky wiry pussy hair. She tried mightily to pull my face down to her cunt, but I held my ground, enjoying once again the smells of her body, breathing in the beautiful heated smells of her cunt, letting them roll around in my head, letting my mind continue to swim upstream against the heady tide of her sex. I licked the hair, my tongue picking up the beads of cum juice flowing from her vanessa lazonamodelos cunt. With my eyes locked on hers, my tongue touched the juicy, black, liquid lips of her cunt, eliciting a child kacy model sudden loud gasp and outcry from Irish. Her juices trickled over my tongue, hot, tangy, flowing copiously, hot enough to burn my tongue.I moved my tongue up to the top of her cunt slit, easily finding the hooded nubbin of Irish's clitoris. asian model xxx Hard as a rock, it seemed to be an inch long as I took littlr models tgp it between my teeth, teasing it with the photos little model tip of my tongue. Irish began to shake violently as my tongue dipped into the puddle of come, swallowing it, following it back into her hole and deep into her cunt."Oh, God, Randi, yes. Eat me. Suck my pussy, all of it," Irish cried, her hands pressing inna model paysite my face deep inside of her, filling my mouth with her come. Breaking away from Irish's pussy, I lifted her legs onto the couch and climbed on top of her, my knees surrounding her beautiful face, my pussy settling over her mouth. I kissed and licked my way down her darkly beautiful body to reattach myself to her pussy once again. I screamed into the buffer of her cunt as I felt her long, thick tongue delve deep into me, spearing me deep inside, my come flowing from my body into her mouth.Both of us screamed our orgasms into each other's cunts, licking, sucking, biting each other as our mouths were filled full of each child modeling opportunity other's fluids. Damn! After lying atop my softly beautiful assistant, I slowly turned and lay atop her again, my face at hers, kissing her softly, exchanging our come."Wow, lady, you are good," Irish whispered, returning my kisses. I tasted myself from her soft lips and winked at her. "Soul food, huh? These aren't very green," I laughed, my fingers tweaking the juicy lips of her cunt."I'm meeting Cleo for dinner model child pussy at the club tonight. Why don't you come with me and we'll drive you to the airport for your flight," she said, her eyes gleaming."Mmmmm. Interesting. Wouldn't I be in the way?" I asked, kissing her lips once again."Not a chance, my dear boss," Irish said, kissing me again. "And, don't worry. We'll be sure you get to the airport skampy bikini model on time."Taking turns in my bathroom, Irish and I reorganized ourselves into the women who had entered the office a half hour before. I gentle teen models put on my basic traveling gear: black form-fitting slacks, a black Gucci turtleneck sweater that hugged my tits, draped a double loop of Minimuri pearls around by gorgeous (of course) neck and a gold rope around my waist, my best cowgirl boots - also black - and a black Calvin Klein jacket. I put on just the right amount of makeup, fluffed my red curls, and stood back to look.I know I've said it before and I love to brag, but damn, I thought! I'd fuck me if I had the chance. I smiled at my reflection, blew myself a kiss, picked up by shoulder bag and walked out of the building arm in arm with my lovely Irish. We walked down the street, conscious of the stares, loving the attention, especially the arm-clinging girl friends. It never ceased cartoons plnknudegirlmodel to amaze me how many of us there were. My theory keeps proving itself: all of us are instinctively bisexual. And, when you're feeling extraordinarily sensual, it's broadcast to others. I wonder as well if it's only to those who are they themselves horny, sexual or also to others with no apparent interest. Do we give off signals?The bar was in the middle of the next block over from the office and as we crossed the intersection, I felt that familiar tingling running from my stomach, to my galleries hirsute models pussy and down my legs. I hadn't been back there in a long, long time and, as I watched people entering the bar, some dressed in grunge, some beautifully outfitted after a long day's work, perteen models nude I began to wonder. Are they as happy as I am? Or, are they lonely, looking for companionship, a little love, a little tenderness in a crazy world? Some of the girls entering were obviously too young, due to be turned away upon entering. Some getting along in years. A true hodgepodge of womanhood.The interior of the bar was models 12 nn warm, softly lit, seductive. That's the only word I can think of to describe it. The antique, very long top swim models dark mahogany bar down the left wall, the beautifully done paintings of women. I quickly spotted a single, large table toward the back of the room, well away from the "occupied" booths, and quickly made my way there, Irish in tow. As she sat down, I excused myself and wandered to the bar. Two women tended bar, although none was the magnificent Samantha."Hi, beautiful." The tall, slender woman behind the bar was stunning in a mannish sort of way. Short, pitch black hair, styled in early Liza Minelli, with huge, huge dark eyes and impossibly long lashes. She wore a sports bra and very short, very tight shorts. Unless it was the bra, her breasts were in the 32A neighborhood, not a bad neighborhood, by the way. Although her appearance might be called butch, something about her was, perhaps subtly, sensuous. Her eyes spoke volumes,"Hello, Shelby," I said, taking her name from her "Hi! I'm Shelby!" nametag. "Samantha's not here tonight?" I asked."Naw. Sorry. Night off. Guess you'll have to make due with me, love," she laughed, her eyes sparkling, a gay lilt to her voice. "Can I help?" she challenged, her lips curled lightly in a wry smile. "Hmmm. Perhaps another time, love. Got to catch a asian supermodel naked redeye out to San Francisco tonight. And, somehow, I think I just might need more time than that with you," I laughed, winking at her. "How about a scotch mist and a Bud Lite?"Shelby model child sex winked sex models fotos at me and walked away. Moments later, she returned with the drinks, accepted a $10 dollar bill and blew me a kiss as I walked back to our table. Placing her beer before Irish, I sat down and casually glanced around the room. All the tables were taken now, most so small that the women were "forced" to cuddle close to fit. The booths were busy, as usual, luckily so dark that the action was not so blatantly obvious. Suddenly, two large, dark hands began to knead the muscles atop my shoulders, so strong and sure that I began to sigh under their insistent prodding. I reached back to hold Cleo's magnificent hands on me, feeling the smoothness of her, savoring the warmth that made my flesh tingle. Almost enough to cancel my flight and join them tonight. Almost. Not quite, unfortunately.Looking up into Cleo's beautiful face, I opened my lips to accept her tongue, feeling its thickness prodding deep into my mouth, my teeth wrapping tightly around her lingual organ (!!). I could feel rather than hear her moans as my biting broke through her studied reserve. Breaking the kiss, I smiled at her and started to rise. Her strong hands kept me seated as she reached over to a loose chair and dragged it over."Hello, my two pretties," Cleo's husky voice drifting through the buzz of the crowd. "How are my lovelies this evening?" she whispered, kissing Irish's thick, soft adolescent models galleries lips."Mmmm," Irish moaned, accepting Cleo's kiss. "Great. Poor Randi has to trickle over to San Francisco on another redeye. Me thinks that Doreen is in for an interesting couple days.""Mmmm. Can't you delay your flight? You can certainly join us ftv model picture for -- dinner," she smiled, her thick, beautiful lips curled into a sexy smile."Damn, don't temp me, you guys. I really have to get out there early or I'll have to work on the plane. But, you two don't need a third wheel. Do you?" I asked.Cleo took Irish's hand and began to lead her preeteengirl models to the dance floor when she turned and leaned over, whispering into my ear, "Oh, we two wheels can always maturbating models teens use a whitewall," Cleo said, her tongue tickling the cup of my ear."Cleo, stop that," I shivered, watching them laugh their way to the dance floor, their magnificent black bodies drawing stares and drool from most every face in the room. I turned back to my drink, my finger drawing little circles around the rim, lost in thought. It happened so slowly, so subtly that I hardly knew someone was even there, leaning over me, her hair brushing lightly against my shoulders."Hi, gorgeous lady. Can I get you a drink?" Her sensuous voice seemed to come from all around inside my mind as I languidly glanced around the table. She had slid in to Irish's chair so quietly, so smoothly that I had not even realized she was there. But, the smells, her essence, her ranger boat models aura certainly were. They combined to create an atmosphere of almost otherworldly fantasy as I turned to stare into Samantha's glowing green eyes.Totally mesmerized by her beauty, I stared into the emerald beauty of those eyes, damp with her natural sensuality, her long lashes barely moving, the perfection of her red hair framed around that perfect girl-next-door face, a picture of Christy Brinkley with red hair and millions of perfectly placed freckles. She young nudist model wore the same low cut green sweater she'd worn as bartender at Nora's party, the myriad freckles splattering the entirety of her skin."Hey, girlfriend," she whispered, her perfect, long fingers reaching out to gently stroke my cheek, "Are you still here?" I realized, then, that I had been staring into her eyes and had slipped over the edge into an abyss, her features too much to comprehend in so short a time. Samantha tended to overwhelm when first met. At somewhat over six feet, her body and teen linger models face tended to make everyone and everything in the room seem to diminish into an ethereal background."My God, every time I see you, I seem to lose control," I whispered, taking her long fingers and pulling the palm of her hand to links teen model my lips. She tasted as fresh as Irish Spring, cool, yet warm, so soft and smooth, just as a baby's behind. I let my fingers trail down over her forearm, touching her freckles, feeling the light red fuzzies that grew there.If ever there was a woman who could haunt my memory forever and a day, it was Samantha. It was not merely her beauty; that was a definite, given the looks that I felt scorching our table from all around the room. Her body, too, was amazing: at least 38DD, 24, 35. Her body showed that she exercised each and every polish porno models day, ate right, all of those things. But, Samantha was something more. Her intellect shown through those eyes, a rapier sharp wit, educated. As they say in sports, the Total Package."Hey, are you alright?" she laughed, waving her hand in front of my face, trying to break what I now understood was a semi-trance. Danger, danger, Will Robinson!"Sorry, Sam," I said, leaning across the table to gently touch my lips teen jessica model to hers. An electrifying touch, followed easily by a taste of her breath through opening lips. "I thought you were off today. Sexy Shelby told me you weren't lsmodels posing in tonight.""Yeah, well, I wasn't going to come in, but, I just needed to get away for a while," Samantha said, a sadness nudism modell not natural in her usual demeanor. "Just a little lonely right now," she said, the ukraine models 12yo sadness now more obvious in her voice."Uh oh," I said. "Does that mean the experiment with the naked russian model fiancé isn't going well?" I asked, my hand continuing to gently stroke her freckled forearm. I sensed a real vulnerability that I absolutely refused to take advantage of. Sorry, folks, I have my standards."Well, not as well as I'd thought, I guess. I mean, he's the sweetest guy and he tries so damn hard. But, something's missing, Randi. He just can't accept the fact that I'm bisexual. And, you, more than most, understand. You do, don't you?" Her eyes seemed to see right through me, delving into my mind, knowing and understanding everything that I was thinking."Yeah, I guess I do," I said, taking the time to sip my drink, drawing my thoughts together. "Samantha, I do not want kyla model to get involved in your decision making in any child models erotci way. I'm sitting on a prejudice, here. Since the first day I met you, I've wanted to make love to you. Never more so than right now, despite the fact that I have a plane to catch tonight. I can't guarantee what portion of what I'd say isn't colored by my hormones."I am in a situation here that is beyond most women's, Sam. I've got a guy that understands, accepts me for what my needs are and supports me in every way. And, it's not forced. As hard as it would be, I would stop if he asked me to. Yeah, it would hurt for a while, but he's worth it to me. And, premodels panties nothing would ever change that."I moved my chair a bit closer to Samantha, letting my hand rest on her jean-clad thigh. I squeezed the firm flesh, watching a small smile begin to break through the gray clouds of gloom. "But, you, my dear superb woman, your bisexuality is far more fixed than my own. I'm still what you called a "newbie", and, being an old lady, I have jest a leeetle more experience than you. You're going to have to make some decisions in your life, my love."Smiling a soft, barenecessities models gentle smile, Samantha leaned over and took my head in her hands, bringing our lips together in a long, dreamy kiss, her bhor atomic model tongue sliding easily into my mouth, her tongue tapping mine in some strange, mysterious code. A code that sent my temperature climbing higher and higher, a flush flowing through my mouth down throughout my body. All of my resolve to be a good girl began to flush away with the force of her passion as this red haired Amazon began to send shock waves throughout my body. God almighty, I thought, she was burning right through my mind as well.Suddenly, Samantha broke the kiss and took my hand. "Come with me, little old lady," she whispered, her hand tightly holding mine as she walked to the end of the bar to a door marked "Employees Only". As we passed Cleo and Irish, locked in a hip-hugging dance, they both snickered. "I'll call the airline and get you on a later flight, Boss young model hagen Lady."Smiling weakly, I shrugged and peach artmodelingstudios blog felt Samantha pull me harder, urgently, through the door. At the end of the hall, another door led to a staircase which we climbed to still another door. She reached into her jeans and produced a key and unlocked the door. She reached inside and flicked on a switch, casting light onto a truly amazing scene and immediately starting a soft, cool Jazz CD player. Subdued light and sultry background music. Mmmmmmmmmm..The room was beautiful! Louis Icart prints were everywhere, prints of some of the original dry point etchings that Ryan and I have in our personal collection. The carpet was a light blue, soft and thick, with a large 6'x8' white shag rug placed around a fireplace. In the far corner, a four- posted brass bed dominated, covered in Victorian sheets, pillowcases and blankets. Tiffany style lamps set on either side of the bed on small nightstands. The room was extraordinarily feminine and cozy."My home away from home," Samantha said, releasing my teenmodel forum hand for the first time. I like to come up here sometimes when Danny isn't making me feel good. He doesn't know about it. And, my lovely, believe it or not, only one other woman has ever been up here.""Let me guess. Nora," oriental teen models I mused, walking around the room, admiring the décor."How did you know that?" Samantha asked, her eyes wider than usual in shock."I can feel her presence, darling," I answered, smiling at her surprise. "You're the type of person who would be drawn to her. And, she would most definitely have been drawn to you.""Oh, because of my big boobies," she said, with a practiced pout."No! Because Nora only spends time with people she respects. She taught me that. It's the way I feel, too," I said, smiling over my shoulder at her. As I stared into the eyes of one of Icart's beautiful women, I felt Samantha's arms slither youngest preeteens models around my waist, turning me around to face her. God, I felt like such a tiny little schoolgirl in her arms. Like Gabriella and Xena. Staring at her beautiful chest, I could not possible resist burying my face between her beautiful breasts, lost amidst the millions of beautiful light brown freckles. I licked the soft smooth flesh, tasting the salty perspiration that accumulated there.Slowly, Samantha forced me to my knees and pressed my face into her jean-clad crotch, her woman's smells wafting through the coarse material, teasing my nostrils. My hands grasped her soft, full ass, pulling her tight against me as her hands gently laced through my hair. I opened her belt and let it fall past my face to the floor. Opening the button, I seized her zipper between my teeth and began to pull it down, watching her black tori martin model thong peer into view. My God, the smell was overwhelming now, making my head spin as I stared at the soft, smooth skin above her thong.I pulled her jeans down over her hips, her thighs, gasping at the beauty of her legs as they came into view. Sheer perfection, covered by myriad freckles, a true redhead in every way as I was soon to learn. As Samantha stepped from the jeans, I stood, feeling as a child before her mother, her body towering over mine.My breath caught in my throat as Samantha loosened my belt models young teens then the zipper of my slacks. She quickly knelt to slide the black jeans down my thighs, her hands sliding over my flesh as she did. Her strong hands removed each of my boots and my jeans joined hers on the floor. I watched, spellbound, as she leaned forward to touch my thighs with just her fingertips, her lips touching each of my knees, then several small, seemingly chaste rapidshare sandra teenmodel kisses to the inner surfaces of my thighs. Leaning back, the right corner of her mouth turned up in a wry grin, she started to stand. I held her back and reached for my sweater and pulled it over my head, tossing it away. I reached behind myself and unclipped my bra, holding it in place over my breasts pakistan sexy model for a long, long moment, then let it drop to the floor. myusenet models My breasts tumbled free of their restraint, swaying as I tried to maintain my balance while shaking so hard, my hands automatically reaching out to hold on to Samantha's shoulders and sliding up to cup her beautiful face.Samantha held my hands against her face, staring at my breasts, her little smile starting to expand. My hands gently caressed her beautiful face, my fingers lacing through her thick red curls. Gently, I brought her face toward me, feeling the heat of her breath against my thighs. I sighed aloud as I petit models nude felt her lips kissing the surface of my thighs, felt her hands caressing the length of the back of my legs, my knees, gently caressing my calves young top100 models and back up to cup my panty-clad ass cheeks. Her kisses wandered further up, to the center of my body, her eyes closed, her tongue touching my now thoroughly soaked panties. Her mouth opened and her teeth grasped my soaked panties, biting down on tufts of my red bush, gently pulling my hairs as she sucked the juices from my shield into her mouth. My moans were met by hers as she savored the taste of my come, biting, sucking and swallowing it until her ministrations had virtually dried my panties. Slowly, her teeth began to drag my panties down over my hips, past my thighs and down to be discarded.I reached out to Samantha to continue undressing her, but she rose and once again forced me to sit as she danced back out of my reach, her long, never ending legs swirling extreme modeling teen in ever narrowing circles. Smiling, she stop at the side of the bed by the nightstand and began moving a switch in a counter-clockwise direction. Amazed, I watched the lights throughout the entire room dissolve and a single, very subdued light stayed on, its intensity focused on the near side of the bed. She moved into the circle of light, slowly, her long, impossibly long legs moving languidly, slowly, powerfully, yet confidently. She youngest erotic models has the movements of a jungle cat, a larger than life sized Linda, my Asian Dancer Lady. Her brilliant red hair trailed behind her, her bright green patterned sweater a marked contrast to her fair skin, her uncountable freckles and the bright green of her flashing eyes. She stopped her dance, her back to me, her thong-separated buttocks as perfect as Linda's, so delicately soft and smooth, with all those beautiful freckles. The most gorgeous soft delicious ass in the history of assdom! And, teen supermodels young to think I'd deliberately keep my hands away from this vision for almost a year! My mouth watered, the tingling at the back corners of my mouth sending mini-orgasms spinning through my body. Was I really here, staring at this perfection?I watched as Samantha crossed her arms and grasped the bottom of her green sweater and slowly began to pull it up. Her hips flashed josie model pics slowly back and forth as the sweater rose inch by nn model forums inch until I was startled to see that she wore no bra. No bra? With those breasts, she needed no bra? She slowly turned to me and my mouth dropped with a thud to the floor.Her breasts were huge and perfect. Round, full, high on her chest, with fully inch and a half brown caps, centered by long, darker brown nipples, hard and beautiful. Her hand slowly let her sweater float to the russian litle models floor. I shivered, feeling as though a frigid blast of air lalana model gallery hit me, staring like a child at her first sight of her mother's breasts. So absolutely beautiful, this preeteen models agency all-encompassing woman that I realized that my hands and fingers had curled into fists, my nails almost cutting the flesh mexican child model of my palms. My glamour hardcore model God! How could any man, even one who could refuse to understand a woman's bisexuality, resist Samantha? Her long, bright red hair surrounded her beautiful face and flowed several inches down her back. Her face was highlighted by her huge, green eyes, freckles everywhere, definitely worth counting. Her lips, dominated by a thick, pouting lower lip, spoke volumes for the kisses I anticipated.I was too stunned to move as ls model child Samantha's fingers slipped into the waistband of her thong and began to slowly draw it down. I watched, spellbound, as her red bush came into view, identical to her hair. plus sized models Thick, though trimmed neatly. As she pulled it down, I watched the light reflect on the wet globules of come that ticked throughout her beautiful thatch, glowing in contrast to her pussy lips. Down and finally off, she took the thong and tossed it toward me. Automatically, I caught it and held it, bringing it to my face, cupping it just beneath my nose, my eyes fixed on Samantha's eyes, sniffing its moisture, touching it with my tongue. Lost in the fog of my mind, I watched her drop to her knees and lean back on her heels, watching me."I . . . Samantha, I . . ," I tried to speak, but had lost all control by this time. With a smile that melted my heart, Samantha reached a finger to touch my lips, gently silencing me. "Randi, please. Just relax. Remember, sweetie, I've wanted to be with you for almost a year. Let it happen, darling. Just let it happen," she whispered, her eyes so seductive, I was completely in her hands.Sitting opposite each other, Samantha and I stretched our legs, her long stems over mine, our bodies inches apart, our breasts barely touching. Her nipples tickled the tips of mine, the feel of her soft legs on mine, I wished that this moment could last forever. She reached out to touch and hold my shoulders as I began to caress the smoothness of her thighs, from just above her knees down to her hips, dropping down to touch her hips and up her sides to, finally slip around to cup her maxwells model magnificent breasts, squeezing their amazing softness, feeling her rock hard nipples caress the palms of my hands. Samantha moaned, her head thrown back, eyes tightly closed as I manipulated her titties in slow, underwear child models roiling motion on her chest. Leaning forward, I touched my tongue to the cap of her right breast, rolling it around and around her nipple, shivering at the taste of her skin. Bringing her breasts together, I ran my tongue over both of her nipples, stopping to bite each, sucking them deep into my mouth. I felt the urgent pressure of Samantha's hands at the back of my head, pressing me tighter into her bosom.Gently, I pressed Samantha down to her back and lay fully on top of her. The feel of her body was so intense, I didn't want to move, content beutiful hot models to merely enjoy the feel of her body against my own. But, move I did, knowing that I must touch and feel the entirety of this body, that I must provide pleasure to this woman. I began to kiss the softness of her breasts once again. Licking all around each of them, stopping to chew gently on each nipple, biting harder, listening to her moans, and a tiny scream of pleasure that I wanted so much to bring from her. Further down, my lips touched the softness, the smoothness of her skin by her rib cage asian model playboy and further down to her tummy. So firm and muscular, yet so soft under my mouth, I kissed down and down to her heaving belly button."Oh, Randi, Randi. Do you have any idea how long I've wanted you? From the first time I met you in the bar, I wanted this. Now, I'm ready. Ready for you to make love to me," she whispered, her hands holding my face to her body. Staring over her breasts into her eyes, I smiled and thrust my tongue deep into her navel, driving deep into her body, tasting her tanginess, her sweetness. I felt her hips thrusting up to accept my mouth as I speared hard into her.I moved my lips to her soft, wonderful hips, kissing, licking every part of her. Moving down, I lifted one long leg, placing it onto my shoulder, kissing and licking the length of her thigh, stopping behind her knee, tasting the sensitive flesh, her calf, down to her foot. I licked between each of her toes, taking model 11yo each at a time into my mouth, sucking each as though it were a small cock. Her great toe slid into my mouth like a large cock, tickling the back of my mouth, my teeth biting down hard, chewing the tender morsel. Samantha screamed, partly in pain, mostly in passionate heat as I made her body mine. Now, I began to treat the other foot the same, kissing, biting, chewing, kissing the length of her calf, her knee, her thigh.At last. Her thighs resting on my shoulders, the softness of her inner thighs pressed against my cheeks, I kissed and licked each soft surface, then stopped, staring up between them at her glorious, bright pink cunt (!!). So beautiful, glistening in the subdued light, her juices flowing, her hair soaked. As I approached, Samantha's cries of Please! Randi! My God! rang in my ears, her smells making me dizzy. I let the tip of my tongue touch the area between her thigh and her pussy, torturing her by avoiding her delicious cunt. My hands slid beneath her body to cup her soft, rounded ass cheeks, squeezing them, separating them, letting my fingers trace the inner surfaces of her ass cheeks, gently touching her soft, wet asshole. She squealed so loud, I half expected Cleo and Irish to come bursting through the door at any minute.Finally, I touched the tip of my tongue to the top of Samantha's slit, touching the tiny bubbles of her come that lay on her cunt hair. Each tiny bubble burst in my mouth, spreading flavor that ravaged my mind, making sandra model bb me demand more. And, more. And, more she gave as she foot model nude began to flow, more thick, rich, white fluid poured from her body as my tongue slid down to touch her hard, hot, swollen clittie, slipping between it and its sheath, licking around and around, my hands holding her tight as her bucking threatened to dislodge me from my course. Oh, no, my dear, act model examples not a chance! My teeth wrapped tightly around her nubbin, chewing brightly, my tongue flicking over and over the tip, her screams ringing in my ears. My tongue slipped lower, dipping into prague teen models the pool of come that was accumulating there for me, letting it flow over my tongue and down my throat. Then, further, delving through her folds and nooks and crannies, and, finally, driving deep into her hole, deeper and deeper."Oh, God, Randi, God, I'm coming, coming, oh, my God!" Samantha screamed my name over and over as I sucked her cunt, swallowing each and every pulsated flow of come. My two fingers drove deep into her asshole at that moment, bringing her over the edge to a monstrous orgasm. But, I refused to stop, my mouth and my fingers driving in tandem, increasing in intensity, listening to is model porno Samantha murmur continual painful cries, her hips thrusting hard, almost dislodging me from my quest to blow her mind."Raaa - - - please, no more. Please! I'm - - - oh, 13years old teenmodel shit, shit, shit! Oh, God, cumm - - -" Samantha cried in agony as she pounded through still another orgasm and still it took her hands porn supermodels in my hair to convince me to stop. Smiling, I crawled up her shaking body to lie atop her, her breasts mashed by mine, her quivering cunt against mine. model nn board Her hands flew to my hair, pulling my face to hers, her tongue licking her own come from my face before delving deep inside my mouth, tasting us both, swirling around and around my tongue. Then, a series of not-so-gentle kisses on my cheeks, my nose, my eyes, a growl coming from deep within her beautiful throat. Holding my face away from hers, she stared into my eyes, those blazing, fiery green eyes glowing."God damn it, Randi. God, damn - - - how am I supposed to go home tonight to him and tell him I won't be bisexual anymore? And, to think I've kept my distance from you for almost a year! And, to think about a year ago, I served you a drink downstairs and told you what it's like to be bi. Damn!" she whispered, her words nearly aloud."Hmmmm. Samantha, darling, you've been bi since you were a child. You know it and I know it. And, what's more, so does your man. You can no more run away from it than I can. I'm very, very lucky. depraved young models I've got the best guy in the world. And, yours will have to work on it. Tell you what. How about if Ryan talks to him? It's worked before." Her smile slowly began to return, that silly, sexy smile that came mostly from her dangerous eyes. I watched her lips open, her perfect teeth (Damn! bikini kindermodels There it is again!) flashing, and I lowered my mouth to hers, our kiss long and deep, our tongues fighting for dominance, our saliva mixing into a potent, delicious stew. Suddenly, her growl grew louder, stronger and her young skinny models powerful hands and arms twisted around until I was flat on my back, her powerful body poised above me, resting on her elbows. A wicked, evil smile curled her lips and she began to kiss my shoulders. Her tongue, as coarse as a kitty cat's, began to lave the soft skin down across my chest as her hands began to slowly close around my breasts, gently squeezing them, her fingers and thumbs pinching my 16 teen modeling hard nipples, twisting them, pulling on them. The pain was so exquisite that I began to moan loudly, my hands holding her face against me."Oh, Sam. Sam. Yes, oh, yes, please," I moaned, my hands sliding down to caress the smoothness of her back, her sides, her soft ass. Her mouth sucked hard, taking in much of my tittie, the suction so intense that my juices were flowing like a river between my legs. Her hands cupped both my breasts, bringing them together, her tongue now laving both my nipples. Oh, God, I was in heaven as I couldn't get enough of the soft flesh over my body.Her mouth moved down to my ribcage, kissing, sucking on my flesh, hitting my hidden ticklish zones which made me jump with a screaming laughter that delighted my tormentor. I grabbed her head and moved her South, squealing in agonized laughter as she left her hands on my spot. Her mouth moved down my body to my pussy, her teeth grasping clumps of wet hair, pulling on them, letting the globules of my come slip into her mouth, tasting me, swallowing as fast as my come flowed from my loins. Her hands cupped the backs of my thighs, gently lifting them, separating them as I was so exposed to her eyes. I watched as she stared into my body, watching the colors change swiftly from rika kid model a bright pink to a darker hue. I watched as her long, thick tongue slid out to touch my clittie, felt the stars explode in my head, the tingling spread from my clittie up through my tummy. I felt it increase as her tongue made its way to my pussy hole, delving into me, digging deep inside of me."Oh, God, Samantha, my God, darling, yes, yes," I mewed, as Samantha lifted my legs, exposing my ass to her eyes. I felt more chills as her eyes stared into me. My orgasm began gathering deep inside of me, threatening to burst free, begging for release. Through glazed eyes, I watched Samantha's mouth move. Her tongue, long, thick, wet moved down to touch the entrance to my ass, hardened, thrusting deep into me. My hands moved to her head, pulling her hard into me, the intensity of my orgasm now risen to draw a loud shriek from my throat as I came, flowing, spurting, a fountain of my thick, rich white come pouring from body over Samantha's face. It hurt, it hurt so much, with such intensity, my screams echoing in the small room as I clutched her face against me until suddenly, teenmodel list I collapsed back onto the floor.Samantha had crawled up to lie beside me, pulling my face hard against her breasts, holding me, listening to the beating of our hearts in the silence of the room, the soft, lilting refrain of the jazz playing in our heads. I kissed her soft breasts, my lips gently sucking her nipple as she cooed into my ear, soothing me, holding me as we were swept away in our love's delicious afterglow.Well, luckily, Irish was able to get me on a 2:45AM flight out to San Francisco. And, Samantha was finally able to gather her strength to drive me there. And, that is another story, my first time back with my original bisexual virginator.Stay tuned for Randi XIX. And, please, please, and another please keep your emails coming to my toni526 hotmail email address.
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